Establishment of a company in hungary

Open your company in Hungary

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Establishment of new companies in Hungary

HM Management is aimed at foreign companies, especially Italian investors, who decide to develop a new business in Hungary and open a company in Budapest or in one of the other Hungarian cities.

HM management provides extensive assistance to Hungarian start-ups and companies, or branch offices and / or foreign companies to establish a secondary branch throughout the country for foreign clients but also Italian investors who choose to develop their new business in Hungary.

Our legal staff provide assistance and continuous support in managing and solving a number of legal issues related to various aspects of business activities, ensuring integration into the Hungarian market and developing their business, thus enabling the success of foreign companies in Hungary.

We are setting up a company for your investment with you. We offer a personalized package for every customer!

Over the years of experience and expertise allow us to perform the following activities as a high professional level:

  • Company formation and consulting within 24 hours;
  • Accounting consultancy and analysis of company financial statements;
  • Individual consulting and development for each type of activity, business plan drafting, feasibility study, and analysis of operational strategies;
  • Market research and positioning of the product or service on the Hungarian market;
  • Business marketing setting, with strategic analysis;
  • internationalization, splitting and management of sales of both national and international company branches.

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