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Why invest in Hungary?

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  • opening of companies and setting up of companies “Kft” (the companies “Ltd” in Hungary), in 24 hours;
  • a team of lawyers, accountants and expert consultants, at your side to develop your business in Hungary;
  • experience, reliability and transparency are our 3 main rules.
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Startup companies

Opening of companies and setting up of companies “Kft” (the companies “Ltd” in Hungary), in 24 hours.

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Expert consultants

A team of lawyers, accountants and expert consultants, at your side to develop your business in Hungary.

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Reliability and transparency

Experience, reliability and transparency are our 3 main rules.


Why invest in Hungary?


Hungary is a European country with excellent development prospects

Hungary is a medium-sized country with 10 million inhabitants.
Budapest is a typically European city, with a medium to medium-high level of consumers, comparable in terms of tastes and lifestyles to that of Western European countries.

Relations between Italy and Hungary are traditionally excellent and Italy enjoys considerable popularity in Hungary.
Hungary has a consolidated export and import activity, and can be considered a market in some aspects almost domestic, with good prospects for development in the medium and long term.


Taxes on profits


Volume of Investments 2018


Hungary is a geographical and strategic position that makes it an ideal place for logistics

The geographical location of Hungary, in the heart of Europe, makes it an ideal place for logistics.
There are 4 routes to the pan-European corridor through Hungary, 1100km of built-up road network, a national rail network and 6 international airports.


Hungary has low labor costs

Hungary is rich in skilled human resources who, with low wages, provide outstandingly high production.
There are many companies, even large ones, that have decided to move production and offices to the Hungarian territory, to benefit from all the advantages that this country offers, creating at the same time a considerable industrial induced.


Hungary is attracting foreign investors in certain investment sectors due to the investment benefits of the Hungarian state

An investment project may receive government contributions up to 50% of the value.

In 2013, Hungary ranked first among the countries in the region for foreign investment stocks, which amounted to 78% of GDP. Foreign presence is particularly strong in automotive, software development, chemistry and pharmaceuticals and in general in life sciences.

From January 2017, corporate income tax has fallen to 9%.


Hungary enjoys substantial contributions from the European Union, the Structural Funds and the Cohesion Fund

Hungary enjoys substantial EU contributions (structural and cohesion funds).

Between 2014 and 2020, 21.9 billion euro was allocated to the country, divided into seven operational programs: of which:

• 15 billion euro for less developed regions;
• 6 billion euro for cohesion policies;
• 463.7 million euro for the developed regions;
• 361.8 million euro for territorial cooperation;
• 49.8 million euro for youth employment.


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