Interpreters and Translations

Translation and interpretation services in Budapest and Hungary

Translation of personal and company documents and contracts


Translation and interpretation services

During HM Management‘s operations, it has developed its own available interpreter for clients and a service for translating personal documents, corporate documents or contracts.

Our team provides translation / interpretation services in the following languages:

  • Italian-Hungarian
  • Hungarian-Italian
  • Italian-English
  • English-Italian
  • Hungarian-English
  • English-Hungarian

HM Management can be your point of reference in Hungary, giving you a highly professional service with Italian, Hungarian and English native speakers.

We also offer interpreting service with hourly personal assistants.

It is possible to purchase prepaid packages with a personal assistant for translations.

Monthly packages:
10 hours
consumption within 2 months
20 hours
consumption within 4 months
30 hours
consumption within 6 months

The minimum daily unit required is 1 hour to be booked before 48h on working days.

Daily packages:
3 hours with the same day use
5 hours
with the same day use
10 hours with the same day use

Daily use of packs must be reported 24 hours before use.

Opportunity for urgent interpretation.

Personal assistant

If you need a specialized legal / financial assistant or a sector-specific interpreter, we can offer you good-value hourly solutions.

Driver service

We also have driver and personal assistant service, which can be booked for a minimum of one day.
This package also includes rental of the vehicle for the selected days.
Reservation to be made with 48 hours notice.


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